Geri Halliwell Biography

Geri Halliwell, Geraldine Estelle Halliwell was born August 6, 1972. She’s a British singer and composer of a television personality and actress.

Geri Halliwell straight hair
Geri Halliwell’s undeniable charm

Geri Halliwell and fame

Halliwell became illustrious as Ginger Spice in the late 1990s cutie group the Spice Girls. Before her musical career was a nightclub dancer in Mallorca Geri, a model and presenter on the Lets Make A Deal Turkish version, and a stripped model as well. With fame as part of the exposed photos of Halliwell Spice Girls were re-elected in a number of magazines, including Club International has published in the United Kingdom. Halliwell became famous as one of five members of the angel group the Spice Girls and was called Ginger Spice. However May 30, 1998, left the group of angels Halliwell and a solo career.

Geri in the Spice Girls

Geri Halliwell Union Jack dress
Geri Halliwell’s iconic Union Jack dress

Geri called herself the bossy one, and it was true that although all the Spice Girls were equal, Geri was a little more equal than the others. The eldest of the five, and unafraid of saying exactly what the thought, she was really the undisputed leader of the Spice Girls who originally came up with the name for the group. Her red hair was perfect for a fiercy Leo, a husky spokeswoman for Girl Power. Her clothes style has a Seventies edge, her attitude is full-on Nineties, and if you do not like it, keep it to yourself: one thing she hates is narrow-mindedness. If you do meet her though, you will not be short of conversation, since Geri reckons she can and will talk to anyone. She has got a lot to say! Independent and adventurous, she has been getting plenty of attention from the tabloids, but she will ignore that. Anyone who says they flash at people just for fun, cannot have too many hang-ups. In any case, she used to be probably hard at work practising the Spice Girls dance routines. It is the kind of grit and determination that she back ups her ambition: Geri Halliwell says she admires the Theresa, a bank robber or a queen!

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Beautiful Geri Halliwell
Beautiful blonde Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell’s solo career

In 1999, Halliwell released her first solo album with lead Schizophonic glance at me. The single reached number 2 in the United Kingdom, merely 700 copies behind Boyzone u needed me The single sold over one million copies around the world with Schizophonic enjoy album sales greater quantity than two million copies. Meanwhile, his remake of the song Raining his men, part of their second album, was included in the soundtrack Zellwegger Renee Bridget Jones’s Diary and the popular video game Dance Dance Revolution 7thMIX DDRMAX2. He became an ambassador for the UN, and this babe gave birth to her daughter Bluebell Madonna, 14 May 2006.

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